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Become a Republican Judicial Fund member today!

Become a Republican Judicial Fund member today!
Become a Republican Judicial Fund member today!
Become a Republican Judicial Fund member today!


Both statements made during the same speech

I think this just about sums it up!!!

Yup... this is what he said............

Logic is dead.
Excellence is punished.
Mediocrity is rewarded.
And dependency is to be revered.
This is present day America.
When people rob banks they go to prison.
When THEY rob the taxpayer THEY get re-elected.

In case you missed the last Democrat Debate a sumary of the results is below

Pursuant to Federal Law (18 USC 2071) - Hillary can't run for any US office

Hillary to be indited by FBI. Put the bitch behind bars, and not the Martha Stuart suite.

America needs Education Reform and News Media Reform

We need to level the playing field that has been dominated by liberals for the past 50 years. Liberal Educators dominate our schools, colleges and Universities. They poison our youths with Utopian values. It is a shame to see the students interviewed about politics. They don't know who anything but the President's name at best. Their knowledge of Government is non existent. This is why people like Bernie Sanders, and Hitlery Clinton can dominate them and tell them what to believe. And like sheep they do. Free education sounds great to them, especially those from foreign countries who we educate so that they can return to their homeland and plot effectively against our existance. I say no education unless you are a Citizen. And education must be fair and balanced. None of this Utopia bullshit. It flat out doesn't exist.

News Media has been corrupted and as long as our educators have been corrupting our children, the media has been reinforcing the message. Everything is spun against freedom. These newscasters are ruining our country and work to undermine our way of life by supporting only liberal views. If it weren't for FOXNEWS their wouldn't be any coverage I could possibly believe. The news just forgets to say anything against the left wing government. This is exactly why so many believe Hitlery Clinton is innocent of any wrong doing in Bengazi or in having secret files on her personal email server. I have worked with similar assholes in CA Government. I retired from a Government job after 21 years of watching excess and ignoring direct orders to work within budgets. I watched as information was withheld from some and freely given to others to tilt the scales and obtain Brown Nose Points and political favors. I left the the State as quickly as possible as I just coudn't stand to live under such subjugating rule.

It's time America to stand up and fight. If we are successful in November and end the Liberal rule, I want to see changes in Newscasting, and Education, let's kick the bad apples out and replace them with people who are not going to poison our future generations with their ultra liberal views, and lack of knowledge of our government operation. I feel its necessary that every graduate understand economics and how government works. Without this the concept that you can have a free lunch will be continued.

Obama at War

Islamic Extreemism




Obama's America 2016 Now Showing at the theater below... click on the picture to watch the show!

 lying sack of shit


Ignorance is bliss!

Somewhere in Kenya there's a village that's missing it's IDIOT

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